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Gen 2

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Hye, everybody! Seems that I've took a looooong time to write and share with you guys and gals...if any.. (Typing like peoples care, huh?) Haha! Okey, let's talk about Gen 2. Hey, I'm not going to buy that car. My dream car is Volvo, the one that Edward use in Twilight Series. So, what Gen 2 it is? Urrmmm..... 

May be, you are thinking that the Gen 2 here is the Proton Gen 2 Car at the first place. Same goes to me when Mak said, "It must be nice if we are making Gen 2 together," while stirring the chicken curry which is made by me the earlier day. Back to cooking sense, I was imagined the the Gen 2 is gearbox that people used to make soup or curry. Then I was asking to Mak again to check either the Gen 2 is that gearbox or else? But still, Gen 2 is Gen 2.

I keep asking questions how does it looks like. Does is look like this, or like this or even like this? Or may be like that? But Mak's answer didn't give much info about the Gen 2. Next, Mak was asking me to boil some amount of water because she really wants to make the Gen 2. After trying to remember all the ingredients need to be used (because normally, Abah are the one who make the Gen 2), she was sitting at the kitchen and get ready to prepare the dough.

Where was i? Mak were asking me to find the Tupperware and cut a few plastics for the Gen 2 of course. By using 500ml boiled water, 100ml cooking oil, 1kg od flour, salts, and 2 tea spoon of sugar, mak are the one who prepares the dough. Till now, I still can't imagined what is the Gen 2? Furthermore, the dough was kena lenyek macam nak buat currypuff. Later on, it was being fried like you're frying the currypuff till the structure is looks like kawah dekat bulan and the colour turns brownish.

This time, I started reheated the curry. Ouh, still wanted to know about the Gen 2, I was asking mak where does the recipe come from? Is it Eastern like Turkey, or Saudi? Or India like parata? Know what, mak said it was come from Indonesia. :O speechless. Okey, enough telling you the story, lets eat Gen2!!

lets frying the Gen 2
Lets eat!! 

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