Rabu, 15 Jun 2011

3 Hours Dating...

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Senyum! Itu tandanya mood aku teramat baik.
Why? Because I just met him last week. :)
Yes, this is true. I met him. I really miss him. ~_~

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He's not finished up his work yet that day. He sent the contena at the factory and woker need three to four hours anymore to complete their job task. As he hate waiting game, he called me and asked for a date. I smile. We're out!

He brought me to Pulau Aman. His area. Well, he was worked there almost two years. So, he know almost single things there. We entered Batu Kawan Area and straight to Kompleks Jeti Batu Musang. There are Jeti Pulau Aman at the complex. He park his Prime Mover at one of the side there and we walked to the Jetty.

Well, they still can remember who is he. Almost everybody's know him. They're shaking hands, smiled, and talked. While waiting for the boat at the jetty, he talked about the island development. There are a few thing change there, new jetty, new step area, new tree, and new viewer too! ;)

 I proud of  many things. The villagers, the traders, the splendor and the most important, I'm proud of him. Well again. He's moving encyclopedia because 99.9% of my question, he answered correctly, reasonably, effectively, and coonfidently.  Another marks for him. :) hehehe

The new jetty is at the right.
It just about ten minutes waiting at the jetty for the boat. Then, Skipper Khalid with Aman 1 arrived to bring us to be in the island. We're sitting at the back of the boat on a chair provided by the skipper. :) He sit so near to me, snap our picture, the skipper's, the view, and show me so much things there. He just like tourism guides for me. But actually, he's my preceptor in my Life since a year ago. Thanks, Sayang.

Thank you Mr. Khalid for driving the boat. :) Welcome to us when stepping the stepladder is the villagers there. :) We are walking to Pulau Aman. He showed me up Kak Timah, a restaurant there. There's time to eat. Yummy! Fried Rice with prawn for us! Enjoy the meals! ;)

Then, around two at noon, we're walked again. we're looking the beauty of the island. We saw a dear beside one of the villagers house, we saw the oldest breadfruit tree, we saw the beach, the sea, the Telaga Emas, the campsite, the chalets, the canoe area and not forgotten, the cape of the island (Hujung Tanjung).

Dear in the village

The oldest breadfruit tree


Last before we're leaving, we stoped by the Kak Limah's again to have an ice tea. And time's up... We have to leave. We walked again to the old jetty. He bought me a short sleve shirt. Blue Black in colour.
Then, we're waiting a few minutes for the 'Aman Cruise'.


Old Jetty

Wheel house of 'Aman Cruise'

Bukit Mertajam from sea view

It's tree days ago. The day before I'm leaving the rail station without tears, before the day without his laughing, the day without his kisses at my forehead, the day without him here... I'm going to miss him again. 

I Miss You...
I Miss The Day We're Together There...

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We're not friends. We're not enemies. We're just strangers, with some memories...

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