Jumaat, 29 Jun 2012

Little Heart

credit to: pincel3d.deviantart.com

Heart: Hye new friend. I am Heart. What is your name?

Monster: Hye, my name is Monster.

Heart: Dear Monster, why does your name is Monster? I didn't see any characteristic in you that related to monster. 

Monster: *smile* There is nothing special about my name.Maybe because i was born with blue in colour ? *grinning smile*

Heart: I see... Can I ask something?

Monster: Sure do...

Heart: Why do you have a scar on your face, in between of your eyes?

*monster smile*

Monster: It is a history of my life. It is not the best part that you want to hear about me. I guarantee you. 

Heart: But, I am your friend. I am willing to listen if you don't mind to share. I am a good listener. I am a counselor. 

Monster: My friend, will you promise me something?

Heart: Sure my friend. I will.

Monster: Please keep the story well...this is a secret. 

Heart: *smile* I promise. 

Monster: Actually, i had have three eyes on my face, before. When I am twelve years old, my brother was involved in an accident. both of his eyes was broken. I've decided to give one of my eyes to him. Since that day, I become a normal....like you, like the others. I have two eyes, but my brother my my middle eye.

Heart: Do you regret what have you decided before? 

Monster: Sometimes, i really regret on what i've done. But, i realize.. Whatever happen is happen. Let bygones be bygones.

Heart: Dear monster, i wish i can be a monster like you. Monster is a special species right? 

Monster: *smile* Are you nuts? No body want to be a monster like me and how can you be a monster? It's ridiculous! 

Heart: Take one of my eyes and put it back on your middle eye. Only then we'll become a monster. You have your three eyes, and I have my single eye. Can we? 

Monster: *look surprised* But...

Heart: I wish, you can use my eye. I want to be by your side. When we are separated by distance, You can see me by look at my single eye in your face. I want to feel what actually you have gone through with the name of Monster. If you used to be called by name Monster since you are kids, I have to used to be call by name Monster too start from now on. I want be your friend till here after... 

Monster: *crying* or you can be call by name Little Heart? 

Heart: *swipe tears on Monster face* As you wish, Dear Monster. 

Monster: I Love You. *big hugs*



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We're not friends. We're not enemies. We're just strangers, with some memories...

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