Selasa, 24 Julai 2012

Bunuh Octo

credit to: Chad Crane

Seriously, i want kill you. Like an enemy killing his(her) victim(s). Stabbing you thousand times non-stop. Burned you in acid, shot you, quartered, strangled, asphyxiated, buried alive, burned in flame or by giving you a it gives a painful one. If i haven't Iman inside, I was killing you half an hour ago. I hate you ! :'(

I just got excited to feel free to do many things before you come and interrupting me. You such a ********!!! :'(

Y'know what, out of blue, aku dah hilang ingatan tentang apa yang aku hafal untuk tiga ujian penilaian subjek berbeza minggu ni. Kau buat semangat aku yang tahap gaban sampai petala ke 88 tu mati jatuh menjunam. All of sudden, aku rasa nak benam kepala aku dalam tanah dan timbus dengan pasir hitam.

But then, i realized... You can't be killed. we're far apart. and yet, how can my soul be killed by her enemy? am i crazy? Insane? urrrff!! I've to stop before i got stuck! let's check out the game i search to let go this feeling of KILLING YOU !

There are sentence in my pocket, but this sentence got five blanks that need to fulfill. You just need to choose your own words and and fill in the blanks.

Here we go:

Blank 1: Adjective

Blank 2: Noun or objects or something, make it random, don’t say something like pencil

Blank 3: Verb (tip: give something like lick, or eat or do…) or be dumb

Blank 4: Chose between under, in front, behind, beside, on top…

Blank 5: Any place… by place I mean it can be anything, desk, mountain, chair, house, roof, bathtub, plane, train, floor, sea…

Nak tahu ke sentence yang kau isi dengan apa yang kau pilih untuk isi ruangan kosong di atas? hehh,, ingat senang-senang aku nak lepaskan kau? haha.. kalau kau tak nak aku bunuh kau, better you leave a comment(s) below this entry. Gila creepy statement aku! haha

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *~ * ~ * ~ *~ * ~ *~ * ~

It was a(n) *blank 1* day and *your name* and he(r) *blank 2* were busy *blank 3* each other *blank 4* a tree *blank 5*

it was............. *tarik nafas sedalam lautan sekejap, ambik nyawa untuk berada di dunia nyata semula seperti sedia kala*

It was an macabre day and Hadira and her Octopus (a gift from CIMB click) were busy hugging each other under a tree in a beautiful prairie of green grass in the early morning, watching the sun rays slowly dry the dew drops on the grass blades.

Dear my enemy,

Credit to: azuzephre 

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We're not friends. We're not enemies. We're just strangers, with some memories...

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